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Urban Edge Consultants (LLC)

Urban Designers, Architects, Planners and Development Advisers

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Urbanization and Architectuure are some of the most exciting and complicated fields of inquiry over the history of mankind.

The City had always been viewed as a living entity that gets born, has its infancy, flourishes into strong beings and continues to grow. Sometimes it gets sick, infected and dies. Our urban contexts have impacts on our lives  and the way we see the world; as much or even more than we can alter them for better and worse.  Living Cities bring communities and their built environments together.

Architecture makes the basic buidling blocks of our cities, Urban Design cements those buildings and blocks together to create a better whole, Landscape brings nature into our concrete juncles and Urban Planing provides intelligent tools for land use, infrastructure, roads and function distribution to faciltate our daily lives.  However; there are no boundaries between those disciplines as the architecture of one building can add value to a whole city; design of a waterfront or a downtown street can bring the world to the city, sustainable plnning of one city element can link the city to its community's futre and the future of humanity.

Our research over the years covered different aspects of the relationship between urban planning and the living city, urban deign and heritage, urban management and city development, architecture and city future, etc.

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